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    Tableau Virtual User Group 10

    Brandon Ohlaug

      Checking in to see how many people would be interested in the Virtual User group held by Tableau.  I have to get something set up by May 31st, if we are looking to do this.  Right now, I have the library booked again in CR that would have room for up to 15 people. I am looking into holding different groups at different locations so we don’t have to have people drive since we just had our TUG.  Checking to see what Tableau will allow.  One group potentially in Cedar Falls is in the works.  Looking for people who would be willing to facilitate.  To do this we also need a location to be set where you would be able to allow anyone to come.  For example, I cannot use my work conference rooms as I can’t get it cleared through security.  Please let me know as soon as you can or you can email me directly at Brandon.Ohlaug@Transamerica.com