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    Creating a Distinct on a field based on a Case (or IF) from another field

    Brian Jans

      We have a piece of data that is creating a small issue with how we would like to see it handled in Tableau reports. We want to measure the net sales based around opportunities. We have clients with multiple opportunities some won some lost, but a client can have several opportunities attached to their record. We have created calculated fields around case and if statements that break down the data around the Won/Lost status and can create the '1' or '-1' value so we can see the net number. However what we're seeing is that clients can be in the data many times so this will throw off the true net number.


      I attached a file to this to try to give a quick example for what we're seeing with our data. I can handle this information through custom queries back to the data source, but I would like to try to find a solution through the Tableau software and not need an additional data source just to handle one piece of data.


      Thank you,