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    How to cross tab with Headers & Sub Headers?

    madala krishna



      I have a fields like a,b,c,d,e,f etc.

      my requirement is i want to show that information in the following format.


      a,b, and C Columns should come under Header 1 like this.


      Header 1 Header 2


      Can any one help me. Please find the sample workbook (V 9.1)




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          Brad Shuel

          Hello Madala,


          We may need to create separate sheets for the headers and combine all 3 sheets on one dashboard.


          1. Create the calculated fields "Header 1" and "Header 2".


          2. Create separate sheets for each header and place the calculated fields on the Marks card on Text.


          3. Combine all the views in a Dashboard.


          I have attached a copy of the workbook with my work.


          As an alternative, if the dimensions are related, it may be worth looking into pivoting.


          Hope it helps!