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    Using A Table Calc in Another Calculation

    Joe Proulx

      Please see my sample TWBX file attached.


      The production dataset I have to use (Tableau Server environment) has a unique layout and some quirky metrics. This source uses things like "Current Month Sales", "Prior Month Forecast", etc. It then uses these metrics in different views.


      I have tried to replicate this in my attached TWBX. Essentially what I need to do (Sheet 1) is show Current Month, MOM Change, then back into a Prior Month, and show the MOM Growth. I have that all set in the Sheet 1 crosstab.


      However, then I want to chart that MOM Change on Sheet 2 and I think by doing that, it breaks the table calc and the chart shows nulls. If I can get a table calc to show me the correct MOM change percentage, how can I then go out and use that percentage in a visualization without having the other metrics visible?