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    Display last time a string appears in text.

    Mark ODonnell

      I am trying to parse some hashtags in a text field and use them as column names and colors.

      If I have #hash1 #hash2 #hash3  included in a single data field my calculation will display #hash3 correctly.

      If I have #hash1 #hash2 #hash3 #hash1 #hash3  I want it to display #hash3.


      The hashtags are contained in a history field which contains much more text than just the hashtags.

      My calc needs to first find all the hashtags and somehow determine which one is displayed last.


      I've tried counting them, finding them, but I am at the point where I could use some guidance.  I am trying to avoid lengthy statements that will need clever maintenance if/when new hashtags are used.

      Thanks in advance.