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    Apply logic and color to highlights

    Ketrus Collins

      Good morning community..thought I'd through this out there to see if any has done what I'm trying to do. 


      In my graph I have various icons representing business segments across a scatter plot like so: 


      I created a highlight action that upon a hover grays out the other segments, cool but not enough.  I would like to upon a hover change the color of the icon to red or green based on TTL KPI

      based on the following logic:


      IF [MTDA GT]/[GoalGT]>= 1 THEN "GREEN"

      ELSE IF [MTDA GT]/[GoalGT]>= .95 THEN "YELLOW"

      ELSE IF [MTDA GT]/[GoalGT]< .95 THEN "RED"

      ELSE "GREEN"





      I have this measure TTL KPI (calculated field) under my marks window but it is not doing anything.  I think it needs to be synced with my images, but I'm not sure how to make that happen.


      Can any on help me out on this or do I need to dial down my imagination?


      Part II - I noticed that when select on KPI filter on the right I get a Auto generated highlight for a business segment that is different from the others (US vs Ford).  Not sure how much that detail matters, but it does prove that what I'm looking for can be done. I don't have a clue as to why or how Tableau did this.

      Any help would be appreciated.