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    Stacked area chart (band) with negative balances

    Christian Vorbeck



      I am attempting to create a chart that displays the most recent balance of a variable, as well as a 1 month range/band and year-to-date range/band. Being new to Tableau, I went about building the table as you would in excel (i.e. created blank, bottom, mid, top variables). The solution works perfectly when all the balances are positive, however breaks down when the values are negative.

      See these two example charts.




      I read in this thread that stacked area charts are fundamentally different then in excel (more like stacked bars), so I am assuming just applying the excel methodology wont work. But has anyone come across a successful work around?


      Alternatively, is there is a way to apply bands that would include the historical max/min of each bucket, but also the most recent dates balance?