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    How to create filter based recordcount size

    saravanan durairajan

      Hi All,



      I want to apply filter based on the No of records split


      Example : if record count 200 records.


      i want to split 200 records into 4 groups dynamically and apply filter based on the  4 groups


      Record filter

      1-50 records

      51-100 records

      101-150 records

      151-200 records


      If i select 1-50 records. it should show only first 50 records if i select 51-100 records. it should show 51-100 records in the view





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          Boas Lee

          Hi Saravanan,


          The simplest way to do something like this would be to use the index function. The index function counts the position the current line is depending on the partition. I used the following calculation below to get the desired result (sample workbook attached).



          CASE [!Range Selector]

          WHEN "Low" then

          INDEX() <= 15

          When "Med" then

          INDEX() >= 16 and INDEX() <= 30

          When "High" then

          INDEX() >= 31



          Please keep in mind that it is important to know how the table calculations are being computed.