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    Help Displaying the Max/Min value of an aggregated Window Sum

    Paul Boblitt

      Hello Tableau Jedis,

      I am really close to having this viz work, but can't seem to get the last bit. I have the Window Sum working as desired in terms of counting the underlying records by category in the viz, but it is displaying the sum multiple times in the row for every single record.


      In other words, if there are 130 records for a given category it is displaying

      Category A  |  130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 etc.


      What I am trying to display is

      Category A  |  130


      One thing to mention is that if there are multiple categories for a record, then a calculated "multiple category" is created and displayed, else the single category for which they qualify.


      Thank you for any help or direction you can provide!




      (Tableau Novice)