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    Viewing dahsboard over internt user

    Minkwan Choi

      I have a question about viewing dashboard to internet user.


      let' me talk about our setting first.


      computer 1) open to public network with port number 9000
      website : http://computer111.com:9000/
      ** public user can access this website, and have a dashboard.


      computer 2) ONLY open with local network (only access by intranet).
      tableau server installed at this computer. installed with local authentication.
      tableau server app :http://computer222.com:8000/
      ** cannot open at outside of local network. in other words, public user cannot access directly here.


      those two computer are set. and we want to make the internet user can see the dashboard Only from our web-site. in other words, if the user embedded our dashboard at their website, or

      open the dashboard by internet explorer, then the dashboard should not shows up.


      of course, our object is embedding dashboard and viewing the dashboard to public user.


      I contact to tableau suppor team. but they say, if we want to show dash board to public user, then we need to open the tableau server app to public user too.


      but, just incase, is there any way??? we want to keep our setting and want to secure our dashboard that what we embed to our web site.