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    MSSQL people using Stored Procedures - How are you handling multiple schemas?

    Tom W

      This question is specifically targeted at people using Table to connect to Microsoft SQL Server, using Stored Procedures across multiple schemas.


      If that's you, you probably know my pain and I'm curious to find out how you deal with it.


      Tables and Views come up in the connection dialog with the schema in parenthesis so we can distinguish objects with the same name easily;


      Stored procedures however show absolutely no indication of the schema which they live in;


      This is a real example of what the connection window looks like to me. I don't see the name of the schema when I place my mouse over the object, nor do I even know it once I've dragged it into the right hand pane.
      I'm tempted to put the name of the schema in the name of the stored procedure itself, but it's a bad practice in my mind and I have to break the entire schema / object naming convention just to suit Tableau. For example, I have a schema called HTS. I would need to name my stored procedure something like HTS_spLoadDW. When I then connect to every other SQL tool known to man, I'm going to have to refer to that object as [HTS].HTS_spLoadDW.


      How are others handling this? Are there some tips or tricks which might help me identify the schema for those objects outside of the dirty naming convention?


      I've created an idea for this but it's pretty lonely - https://community.tableau.com/ideas/5660

      I've also spoken to Tableau support and been bugging them for 7 months about this but I'm being given the cold shoulder as this is apparently a 'feature request'.