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    akshay ravi

      I have two sheets in a single Excel. I am trying to replicate an excel report in Tableau.

      I have a formula that is used in Excel and when I am trying to change it and use it in Tableau I am facing difficulties.


      I have 2 sheets in my excel data source:

      Excel Formula:

      =IF(AND(LEFT([AS Req],3)="Yes",[Seq]>=3,

      COUNTIFS(tAlign[PID],[@[PNum]],tAlign[AlTree],"P and S",tAlign[L2],"IT")=0)



      Calculated field in Tableau:


      (IIF (isnull([AS Req]),"No", left([AS Req],3)) = "Yes" AND [Seq] >= 3 AND

      (IIF ([PID] = [PNum] AND [AlTree] = "P and S" AND [Level 2] = "ITAS" ,0 , 1)  = 0)



      Since there are multiple records in the Align sheet, my IIF statement is returning values other than 1's and 0's.



      I am new to tableau and unable to get this done. Can someone help me out here..

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          Tom W

          Hi Akshay,

          Welcome to the forums. Please review the getting started information for the forum - Tableau Forum Guidelines


          As outlined, it's recommended you post a Tableau Packaged Workbook to support your scenario outlined. It doesn't have to be real data, you can prepare some sample data in Excel to mock up the situation if required.