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    Fetch Phone Numbers based on Address and Zip Code

    Udit Mahajan

      Is there a way to tie the Address and Zip Code for a Customer and get the phone number back. I have a huge database with many records of people associated with healthcare without phone number. When I google individual address, I am able to get the phone number but I have huge number of records and googling everytime would take lots and lots of time.

      I am not sure if it can done in tableau, just giving it a thought. Is there any other way out.




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          Tom W

          You would need to connect to a datasource which contains Address, ZipCode and PhoneNumber. Tableau cannot do this lookup automatically, no such source exists within the tool.


          In terms of building the source above, perhaps there are API's available which would allow you to build such a source but it seems like a big ask to me as that datasource would be massive.


          I think your best option would be to get your original source correct and complete with the phone number so you don't have to do a lookup. Failing that, you could setup an action on dashboard in Tableau tied to clicking a customer phonenumber. That could effectively use the Web Page object to google the phone number. See attached as an example utilizing a URL action when you click on the customer record.