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    We have to double click on sheet to filter the data from two different tables simultaneously

    Priyanka Kamat

      Hi All,


      We are using two different tables in our tableau dashboard and need to filter data simultaneously.

      To give background about our dashboard:

      • We have three filters on the top. ( We have to restrict our-self to filters only and can not use parameters due to some constraints)
      • To filter data from two different tables simultaneously, we have created a sheet using common fields from both the tables.
      • Above mentioned three filters are applied on this sheet and we are using this sheet as action control to filter data for rest of the dashboard.
      • Even though filtering is working properly we have to click on the sheet twice when ever we change values from any filters. We are looking for a workaround where we have to click this sheet only once to filter out required data.

      PS: We are also open to any other idea where we can filter out data from two different tables simultaneously without using parameters.