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    Help with filter

    Ashley Cloutier


      I'm trying to create an action to show specific data when something on my dashboard is created. I currently have an action set up that looks like this:

      job code job function is referring to Category. I want to be able to click on Maintenance Management or the count next to it and have it only show me those records. For some reason when I click on it with the current filter, it still just shows me everything and doesn't filter down at all. I've done this on a previous sheet and it's worked perfectly so I'm not sure if there is something missing or a something I'm doing incorrectly this time around. I've attached the workbook. Any help is appreciated.




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          Joe Oppelt

          I'm looking at this.

          This is really weird.  I think something is corrupted in your Headcount by Category sheet.


          First off, the way you set up that action should work.


          I tried deleting that sheet from the dashboard.  I got a message that it was hidden (even though it was not).  So I clicked unhide.  And Tableau deleted it.  Then I tried re-adding it to the dashboard.  It went onto the dashboard, but showed no data.  Go back to the actual sheet, and it displays as expected.  DUPLICATE THE SHEET, and the new copy comes up empty.


          Try to figure out what's happening with this sheet.  Maybe rebuild it and use the new one.