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    Upgrading from 9.0 - 9.3

    Greg Batchelor

      We are researching ways to push out the upgrade for our licensed desktop users. The issue is our users do not have the admin rights to do the install themselves, and once installed it requires the license key to be input again. Is there any way that the update can be pushed out by our IT department and the license be included in that update?

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          Joshua Tapley



          There is a place on the Tableau site (or maybe in the salesforce portal) that gives you the details that IT would need to build a custom package installer.  As for the key, usually larger organizations use a Master Key and just embed that in the custom installer.  I know if you have multiple versions installed both use the same key, it just makes you re-register I believe.  Perhaps it would work if you first installed 9.3 and then removed 9.2 without having to re-enter the key.  I'm only guessing on this one though.