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    Is it possible to assign colors by details?

    Hannah Williams



      I have a bunch of different queries pulling back a singular data point which I then have a calc analyzing the data point based on threshold, and returning  a status.


      IF [data.WebsiteFlightSearchElapseNonFlex] >= 20 THEN "Bad"

      ELSEIF [data.WebsiteFlightSearchElapseNonFlex] >= 35 THEN "Critical"

      ELSEIF [data.WebsiteFlightSearchElapseNonFlex] <= 15 THEN "Good"

      ELSE "Medium"



      I want to show my results in colors green, yellow, light red, dark red. This works by dragging the calc into the color section on the marks card. However the colors auto assigned are not what I want, and because it is a singular result, to get the colours I have to manually edit the thresholds in every calc, so that I see each result bad/critical/good/medium, to then edit the color.


      Its taking me ages, any ideas?