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    Tableau filter

    Kevin Chen

      Hi, I'm fairly new to tableau and I have a question below:


      Let's say I have a list of healthcare claims with physician name,  place of service and charge amount on each claim.

      And let's say there are physicians A-F.  For physicians A-C, I want to display sum of all the charges by each physician, regardless of place of service, but for physician D and F, I only want to display sum of charges with place of service = 21.

      I want to display this in text table (pivot table), pivot by physician name. How can I set this up? (filter or set or parameter?)


      Thank you!

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          Sina Zarafshan

          Hi Kevin,


          I created a dummy dataset based on your question. Based on what I understood, I used a calculated field using 'IF' and 'ELSEIF' to address your need. In the attached workbook, you will see that for D and F the sum of profit is only calculated for location 21 and for the rest it is calculated regardless of the location. I hope this answers your question.