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    Relative date filter for 'This date' vs. 'Previous date'

    Tommy Sims



      I have a dashboard that is looking at a metric daily and comparing to the previous date last year. There are filters to select how many years they would like to see as well as which months to view. The issue I have is that I want to use a relative date filter so the user can select "last 3 months'. If I use the relative date filter this will remove the lines for the previous years. Basically what i am looking for is a date filter that allows the user to select a certain amount of months back but still include the same months from the previous years. I know there is some type of workaround for this, but at the moment I am stumped. Thanks in advance.



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          Mia Lee

          Hi, Tommy


          You can create 2 parameters - one for month and the other for year - to use as filters (so you can choose how many months/years to go back)

          ,then create a calculated field (true/false) asking if it satisfies both month and year restriction.


          Place that calculated field on the filter shelf, and show 'True' only.


          I would've demonstrated it to you if you included the packaged workbook. But, please let me know if you had further questions.