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    Dynamic growth Calculation

    Niranjan Banarjee



      I want to have a growth calculation which needs to be dynamic.Lets say if i create a parameter say Timeperiod with items as as Current, YTD, 3MMT.And on selection of YTD i should get YTD growth and  similarly for 3MMT and Current.


      Can anyone suggest the best way to arrive at it.


      I have arranged the time period as measure below:



      I tried creating a calculated field but its saying error.



      IF   ATTR([Time Period])='YTD' THEN (sum([YTD Apr 2016*])-sum([YTD Apr 2015*]))/sum([YTD Apr 2015*])

      ELSEIF ATTR([Time Period])='3MMT' THEN (sum([3 MMT Apr 2016])-sum([3 MMT Apr 2015]))/sum([3 MMT Apr 2015])

      ELSEIF ATTR([Time Period])='Current' THEN(sum([Apr 2016])-sum([Apr 2015]))/sum([Apr 2015])

      ELSE 'Null'