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    Autumn Tableau UK Healthcare User Group - Ideas for content and presentations?

    Simon Beaumont

      Hi everyone,


      I hope you are all well and you are enjoying the early Summer sunshine. Planning has commenced for our next UK Healthcare User Group and your ideas for content would be very much appreciated.


      Based on feedback from the last user group people have suggested they would like to see:


      - More user presentations showcasing your innovative Tableau solutions

      - An opportunity for someone from Tableau to showcase the best of Tableau 10 which should be out by the time we next meet

      - More Tableau master classes and best practice discussions around specific functionalityand experiences that last a little bit longer than last time (i.e. less rotation so you can get to spend more time absorbing the content).


      In terms of a date the current thinking is early October.


      Please could you reply to this post with you ideas; likewise anyone who would like to volunteer to present any Tableau solutions you have created please post your proposed topic.


      Thanks in advance.