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    User Group Leader Webinar: May 12

    Jordan Scott

      Thank you to those of you who were able to join us this morning! If you were not able to watch live, here is a link to the recording so you can watch at your convenience!
      If you have additional questions on anything you've seen please feel free to post them here.



      -Product Marketing Updates by Sasha Pasulka, Director of Audience Product Marketing, Tableau

      -Tableau Community Thank You by Elissa Fink, CMO, Tableau

      -User Group Tips & Tricks by Paul Chapman, Tableau User Group Ambassador

      -Demo: Vizable by Trina Chiasson, Senior Product Manager, Tableau


      *For those of you interested in giving feedback on Vizable or joining the beta program you can do so here!

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          Anthony Gould

          Thanks Trina for the Vizable demo.  We are planning on highlighting Vizable at the June Seattle Tableau User Group event.  I'm wondering if other TUGs have showcased Vizable at an event and what worked well for you.  I'm working with Robert Morton, from the Vizable product team.  We're hoping to create an interactive session where users can explore their own data on their devices.  Unfortunately, I don't think most of our audience will have iPads they can bring.  Our fall back is to present Vizable, and Tableau Mobile, capabilities from the front, but this will be much less interactive.


          Any ideas are welcome!




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            Siraj Samsudeen

            Thank you Jordan and the rest of the Tableau Team and the London TUG leader for the wonderful session. I am a new UG leader and watching this session was very helpful.