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    Color Multiple Measures within table by percentage difference from previous value

    Kieron Phillimore

      Hi All,


      i am relatively new to Tableau and am still getting to grips with some of its more complex functionalities.


      I am presenting a number of measures within a text table alongisde their weekly values (please see attached screenshot) and would like to be able to color the values based on the percentage difference to the previous week. I am able to do this for a single measure by applying it to the color and then changing the quick table calculation accordingly however coloring by a secondary measure replaces the original measure. I would like positive increases in value to be represented in green (shaded by %increase) and decreases to be colored red (again shaded by percentage difference).


      For instance in the attached screenshot each of the measures for the 2nd May should be either green or red depending on their diference to the values for 20th April.


      e.g. Total Spend should be Red, Total Impressions should be green etc


      I hoping that this is possible and that some bright spark will have the answer!!