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    Waterfall chart by Date in Tableau

    Mads Manalo

      Hi Tableau Users,

      Our client wants to have a waterfall chart which the first column and last column in my Date Range Category ‘Now’ will show as a complete bar.


      I have “Date start” and “Date End” parameter and here’s my category condition.

      IF [Date]>=date([Date Start]) AND [Date]<=DATE([Date To]) THEN 'Now'

      ELSEIF [Date]<date([Date Start]) then "Before"

      ELSEIF [Date]>date([Date To]) then "After"



      Here’s what I have done in tableau so far.

      I used dual axis method. (First Metric is Bar Chart and 2nd Metric is grant bar).


      • For 1st Metric - Bar: If attr([Date])>[Date Start] and attr([Date])<[Date To] then 0 else [Month End] END
      • For 2nd Metric -  Grant Bar: [Month End]


      Main Concern:

      My date range is from Jan 2015 to Dec 2015.

      If the months selected in the Date parameter range (start and end) are available in the chart, it will give me the correct result.


      But If I select a specific channel, the required waterfall chart will no longer achieve because my date start parameter and date end parameter is not available in the chart.




      Provided the examples, I just want to ask for your any suggestions which I can show the full bar for the min Date and max Date in those data that will be categorized as ‘Now’


      I have also provided my sample workbook here.


      Thank you!




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Mads,


          First off - what a great viz!  i love the Waterfall in between the bars for Now.


          This post was from a few weeks ago.  Did you find a solution to the issue?  I found that the axis for the dual axis are not 'synced' and that forcing the axis to Sync will result in - what I believe is the correct view.  You can see in the screen shot that you attached - the right axis is  0-3 rather than matching the left axis of -13.  Syncing the axis fixes the issue. 



          Tableau 9.3 workbook attached with the axis synced.


          I hope this helps you or others.