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    Webinar Topics

    Jeremy Poole

      Hey group, wanted to conduct a little informal poll around topics that interest the group. This will help Jeff and I plan for future webinars.


      I've seen some suggestions so far, but wanted to open up the discussion to the whole group since we've gained additional members recenty.


      So far we've seen discussions around:

      • best practices for handling large volumes of transactional data (and DB technologies that excel at this)
      • customer segmentation strategies
      • Year over Year/Fiscal Calendar/ Miscellaneous Dates tips & tricks


      We'd love your feedback on which of these are interesting to you and also what other ideas you may have. (Enterprise Strategy, Tableau evangelism, Data Viz 101, etc.)


      This will also help us learn a little more about who our members are (analysts,managers, VP's etc) and what experience levels are present (Beginner - Jedi) so we can tailor content to different interests.


      Thanks for your participation, looking forward to putting something together.