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    ytd Calculation based on Month & Year filters

    Srikanth G



      I am new to this community so guide if i am putting it in a wrong place.


      I have data in excel with year , month , Country and retail sales need to calculate YTD values and market share based on filter selection, Can some one please let me know if there is a way to achieve this .Mail me if any further information required



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          Toby Erkson


          Welcome to the Tableau Community/Forums


          I moved your question into the Forums as this location is for general questions and Desktop.  On the right side of the screen is a menu where you can jump to the appropriate forum, just hover your mouse over the main menu item and then click on the appropriate forum.  The red box shows the major forums of the Tableau Community:

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          While there are some Tableau employees here to answer questions in the various forums, most of the people who answer questions are end users like yourself who volunteer their time to help others   So for urgent issues be sure to contact Tableau Support directly.


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