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    Tableau JS API - Looking for more information on showExportPDFDialog()

    Alex Lee



      1. I'm trying to find documentation on the Tableau JS API export method showExportPDFDialog

      I've done extensive searching on the Tableau website as well as general googling and searching on stack overflow.


      similar to what is asked here:

      Export Function


      2. The reason I want this information is to try and do something specific with the PDFDialog:

      Specifically, I want to know if you can pass parameters or anything so that a user attempting to export a PDF could just click one button and now have to choose through various options.


      Similar to what is asked here:

      On button click generate pdf file with default pamameters


      Please let me know if there is a good resource for information on this, of if you happen to know if what I'm asking is possible.