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    Can I initiate a salesforce action from a Tableau dashboard using REST API and Sparkler?

    Katherine Woods

      I am taking Tableau head-to-head with Salesforce Wave. Wave offers the ability to kick off a Salesforce action (pre-defined, example: post) from inside a visualization. Most of the work for this feature is actually happening in Salesforce; so I would like to show that Tableau can do the same thing from inside a Viz; either embedded in the Salesforce instance using Canvas and Sparkler or from the Viz published on Tableau Server. (I have the Viz embedded and currently am providing a similar solution by showing the relevant actions in the same SF tab as the Viz. However, it would be "cooler", from the client's perspective, if I could actually do this in the Viz, perhaps using REST API?) I was wondering: Has anyone tried/accomplished this, or something similar, and can provide info on the experience?


      If so, please post here, or email me at Katherine.woods@capgemini.com