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    Managing Content Ownership

    shoba Hari

      Hi Team,


      Need assistance in finding a solution with respect to managing content ownership.


      "If an employee who is the original owner leaves, the administrator can reassign ownership to another user. After you change ownership, the original owner has no special connection to the item, and their ability to access it is determined by their Tableau Server permissions".

      "You cannot delete a Tableau Server user if the user owns any items. When you attempt to delete the user, their site role is set to Unlicensed. You must first change the ownership of the items and then delete the user".

      "If you change the ownership of a workbook or data source that has embedded credentials, the embedded credentials will be deleted. You will need to download the workbook or data source, update the embedded credentials for the new owner, and then re-upload the workbook or data source."


      My question is:

      How to reassign the ownership of a content/project and off-board a tableau server user through rest api or through any other automation process in tableau server.


      One scenario what we face in my organization is

      If "X" were to publish a workbook (either based on extracts or not) and there is a change that needs to be made to the workbook, "X" is the only one who can make that change.  If "X" is not here to make the changes himself because of scheduled or emergency time off, we have no BCP. 

      We are able to manually override the permissions to allow our peers and teammates to have access to our data, but it appears that these reset themselves on a weekly basis. Also, we have seen in our projects and our peers' projects in other business groups, these default permissions seem to be inconsistent.  Are there guidelines for setting permissions in Tableau projects, workbooks and data connections?  If there are, please assist me.