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    Combining Multiple Data Sources Into One View - Trouble with Dates

    Michael Quigley



      I have 4 Access data sources which contain call metadata. Each data source represents one year (2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015).  Altogether, they comprise over 1 million records.  This makes them too large to bring together using an append query in access. 


      I have successfully brought them all into Tableau as separate data sources using some of the steps described in this article: Combining Multiple Data Sources into One View | Tableau Software


      However, I am having trouble displaying dates from anything other than the primary data source.


      For instance, if I use the 2015 data source to make a few calculated fields such as "ZN(COUNTD([datasource1].[uniqueID]))" with unique ID meaning the ID number that is created by our software program for each call.  I make one of these for each of the 4 data sources and then use a final calculated field to bring them together like this:


      IF ISNULL([Contacts 2012])THEN 0 ELSE [Contacts 2012] END +

      IF ISNULL([Contacts 2013])THEN 0 ELSE [Contacts 2013] END +

      IF ISNULL([Contacts 2014])THEN 0 ELSE [Contacts 2014] END +

      IF ISNULL([Contacts 2015])THEN 0 ELSE [Contacts 2015] END


      With "Contacts 2012-2015" being the names of the calculated fields I created before.


      This allows me to display all of these records together with all of my dimensions (at least the ones I have tried so far) except for the date of each record.  In the situation I described above, I am only able to display the dates from the primary data source, in this case being the 2015 data source.


      How can I correct this so that I can display the dates from the records from all 4 data sources?


      Thank you in advance!