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    CTUG 2nd Qtr 2016 Beginner's Meeting

    William Aubrey

      Thursday April 21, 2016 marked our second Beginner's meeting for the Charlotte Tableau User Group. We had a great turnout with participants from a wide range of industries!


      Many thanks to our sponsors, Okuma America for allowing us to use their auditorium facilities and Randstad for providing pizza and beverages!  Thank you!


      Our main presentation for the evening was on "Everything you CAN do in Tableau with Text Tables, but shouldn't". From our last meeting and in Doctor's Hour sessions, we found that many people are being required to make traditional "Excel mindset"-style tabular data reports. Though this is something you CAN do in Tableau, it's not the most effective when it comes to discovering insights about your data.  Old habits die hard and many executive level managers haven't yet been able to shift their analysis paradigm to Visual Analytics. It really becomes part of our job as analysts and consultants to help coach these folks and bring them along into this new approach. To help get them there, we first need to get through the laborious task of labeling and formatting text tables and give ourselves enough time to cleverly insert visual techniques in the process.


      This presentation is intended for the beginning Tableau developer who has been tasked with the creation of that Text Table "Report". Instead of just saying "Don't do Text Table Reports", this presentation shows you how to do ALL of the Text Table reports so you can get them done and then move on to coaching your colleagues and bosses on the advantages of Visual Analysis.