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    Automating user addition

    Arun Yadav



      I have to add around 1500 users in one project. Using tabcmd,I can import list of users to be added. while importing,is there any way to track which users were not added.

      I have active directory authentication and any user whose id is incorrect would not be added using the tabcmd. So,here is there any way to track those users who were not added because their id is incorrect.


      Any help will be much appreciated.




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          Jeff Strauss

          If you are running tabcmd via script, then you can write the results to a log file and the log should have information on success / failure.  Do you need something more than this?



          Here is what we use:


          G:\Scripts\ServerAdmin\Script_Sync_Partx_InternalClientUserList.cmd 1 >> G:\Scripts\ServerAdmin\Logs\Script_Sync_Partx_InternalClientUserList.cmd.log 2>&1


          The log file is Script_Sync_Partx_InternalClientUserList.cmd.log


          Within the log is something that looks like this:

          G:\Tableau\Tableau Server\worker\bin>tabcmd createsiteusers "G:\Scripts\serverAdmin\TableauAdminData\users.csv" --no-complete --role "Interactor" --password xxxxxxxx --timeout 1800

          ===== Continuing previous session

          =====     Server:   http://localhost

          =====     Username: xxxxxxxxxx

          ===== Adding users listed in users.csv to current site...

          ===== 0% complete

          ===== 100% complete

          ===== Lines processed: 6

          Lines skipped: 0

          Number of users added: 5

          Number of errors: 1

          Error details:

            line 2 for user 'corp.vc.com\xxx': AD user not found corp.vc.com\xxx (errorCode=30)