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    May Sydney Tableau User Group

    Chale Dodge

      Our 2nd TUG session of 2016 will cover a number of topics including a User Story from FACS (Family Community Services) & their Tableau Partner of the Year 2016 RXP Services. We are also going to hear about some approaches to LOD (Level of Detail) Calculations. This was another one of the suggested topics from our feedback last year. You are also invited to join the AirBNB competition which we are running - along with Melbourne & Perth Tableau User Groups.


      Please join us on our 2nd afternoon of 2016 with sharing and conversation. We will also share plans for the year ahead and feedback received so far.


      User Keynote Topic:

      Laborious to Mellifluous: How a NSW Government Department Has Changed the Face of Publicly Reporting Statistical Publications



      On 7 September 2015, the NSW Department of Family and Community Services publicly released FACS Statistics. What is significant about this event is that it is the first time we have brought together data about all of our services into one, easily accessible source. FACS Statistics tells the department’s story against its strategic objectives by adopting a more engaging approach, showing patterns or trends with graphics instead of mountains of text or data tables – above all, it illustrates and explains complex issues in a way that is accessible for the non-technical audience.


      This session will cover how an extremely laborious reporting process was turned into a mellifluous practice using Tableau, Alteryx and the expertise of RXP services. The session will illustrate the “how to” process – how FACS data was made clearer and easier to extract and report and the “end result” – demonstrating how visual stories, maps and infographics allow the data to be easy to read and understand.


      Attendees will learn how NSW FACS has simplified a manually intensive process, leveraging both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public to create openness, transparency and value to the NSW public community.


      Presented by Betty Machalias, Manager Online Reporting, NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), Chris McClellan, Senior Consultant, RXP Services


      Tech Topic:

      Level of Detail (LOD) Calculations



      Australian Tableau User Group AirBNB Data Competition

      Feel free to use any combination of the AirBnB data--just one city, or multiple cities; just listing data, or rating data too--your choice!

      • Create a dashboard using the data and publish onto Tableau Public
      • Once your viz is completed, please send the Tableau Public link to AussieUserGroupComp@gmail.com by May 6
      • Winners will be selected by a panel of judges and announced on May 13. We've got some sweet swag to give away to the top entries


      You can register for the event here: