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    "Filtering Data Across Multiple Data Sources"


      Filtering Data Across Multiple Data Sources | Tableau Software


      Brand new Tableau user here.  I'm connected to an Access database and have had to create multiple data sources for my Tableau dashboard.  Naturally, I want to be able to filter all of the views (sheets?) on the dashboard using a common field and a shared filter.  I've followed both methods posted in the above link, but neither adequately addresses the issue.


      The field I am filtering on is a Date field.  With the first method in the article ("Create a custom parameter and use it in a calculated field") I found that I am at least able to create a Slider for the date filter, but I can only select one date at a time.  With the second method ("Create a control view for the field you want to filter on, and apply a filter action to that view on the dashboard") I found that I am only able to create a long vertical list of dates for selection.  So, I am able to select multiple months, but not using an ideal format.


      How can I create a Slider type filter for dates that I can use across multiple data sources?  I'm using 9.2 until I can upgrade to 9.3. 


      Looking forward to learning a lot from you all.