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    Geo mapping Uk postcodes problem

    Dan Barton

      Hi everyone, would love some help with this - i am trying to set up a custom geo mapping csv file. i have tried to make a scheme.ini file in case it needs it to try and get fid of the following error "The file 'Devon postcodes.csv could not be used because it does not contain a unique column"


      i have followed some instructions to make a custom csv file that only has the local post codes within the reach of our work (first section plus one didget from second) and cant seem to get the file uploaded - i noticed that there are a number of duplicates in both the longitude and latitude columns, could htis be the problem - if so not sure i will get what i need if i clear the duplicates (it leaves too many fields with no geographic data)

      can anyone help please? thanks very much in advance, Dan


      i have attached the files in case this helps