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    Custom color range assignment based on parameter?

    Catherine Tulley

      Hi all,


      I am having the exact problem that this user describes in an older forum post: Custom "Edit Color" Settings on Parameter Based Color Field


      I know that If-Else statements can be used to apply colors by range, i.e. Creating a Custom Color Scale for Varying Ranges of Data | Tableau Software


      I'm working on a dashboard that displays 18 different metrics by municipality for a 10-county region. A second filter allows the user to drill down to the county level.


      I used a parameter+ calculated field to control the display of the metrics on the map, but each metric has its own unique range. Tableau's default color ramp option is too basic? coarse? for what I want to display; for example, if one municipal value is wildly higher than the surrounding areas, it skews the map into just two colors. Unfortunately, you can't edit the center point of the range without messing it up for the other items in the parameter list.


      I would also like to display the range breakpoints per color, and right now there's not a good way to do that.


      I tried the option of using one dashboard container to hot-swap multiple static maps, but it was clunky and didn't look good. So now we have one map worksheet that is controlled by the parameter list.


      I've attached a screencap from my GIS software to show what I am talking about with the ranges.


      Has anyone run into this problem and figured out a workaround?