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    Comp Growth calculation

    Fei Sun



      Unfortunately I can not attached the workbook and the data set, so I will use the screenshot to explain my problem.


      The problem is to calculate the "comp growth" for a store:


      "comp growth" is calculated when there is sales data for both current year and last year for a store in all 6 months.


      Take the "AC-ABREEZA MALL" as example, "comp growth" can not be calculated in this case, but if there is data and sales data is not 0 for Apr and May, then we should calculate.


      is there a way to filter out those stores can not be used for calculating "comp growth" and only display and calculated the stores after filtering?


      I have been struggling at this problem for past few days, and still not able to find a way.


      Thank you for the help in advance


      Note:  data does not display because of several reasons: 1.not data in database 2. the sales data is NULL 3. the sales data is 0