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    Can Tableau give me a list of all worksheets and dashboards in a workbook? How about one further and all of the worksheets on each dashboard?

    James Keuning

      I need to seriously clean up my workbook. Look, it was my first time, I didn't really know what I was doing, and things got a little out of hand at the beginning. Nothing is broken but I think I can fix it. I just need a little help.


      The deal is that I have worksheets that I would like to delete but they are used on a dashboard somewhere. I want to know what that dashboard is. Similarly, if I want to delete a dashboard, I would like to decide if I want to delete the worksheets on the dashboard. Sure, I could visit the dashboard and write all of the worksheets down, or I could use a natively generated list if Tableau can do that for me.


      Both my Desktop and Server are fully updated to the most recent versions.