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    Workbook with live hadoop connection throwing error

    Atul Nagar


      I have a workbook published on server with live hadoop connection, during off timings the workbook works fine but during peek business timings users get error message while accessing it

      "an expected error occurred, if you continue to receive this error please contact system admin"


      Can you please provide solution for this, we have 35 users accessing this workbook and mostly everyone during same timings. Also even after live connection workbook do not get refreshed until refreshed through icon, is this normal?


      Looking forward for your response.



      Atul Nagar


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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Atul -


          There are any number of reasons why these errors could be occurring, so (unfortunately) simply posting the error message by itself won't likely allow anyone here to help you.


          At a minimum, you'd need to gather and post your logs. Tableau logs are pretty complex and there are lots of them, so I'd suspect you'll be hard pressed to get someone here to dive into them on your behalf. Your best bet is to open a support case with Tableau and send the fine folks @ TECH SUPPORT your logs.