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    Restore from a Backup - recover .twbx file

    Rajkumar Subbarayan

      Hi all,


      I have got a situation to recover a deleted workbook from tableau server installed in AWS. And, I am aware of tabadmin can restore the Tableau data using “tabadmin restore --no-config <filename>”.  There is a .tsbak file is available in Tableau Server.


      I need your help to get this done. And, I have a couple of question here,


      • Is there any other option  to recover the deleted workbook?
      • Is  Uninstallation needed, If “restore” is the only option?


      It will be great and really helpful if someone add the steps & notes on restoring the Tableau server. Thanks in advance!




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          Paul Moran

          Hi Raj,


          There is no need to uninstall Tableau Server when running the tabadmin restore command. The tabadmin restore command will overwrite all data on the instance of Tableau Server where it is being run. To restore only the data and no configuration settings, type --no-config in the command. To keep configuration settings do not use --no-config in the command.


          The Tableau Server license allows up to three (3) activations of the same key: one production environment and two non-production environments, as defined in the End User License Agreement. I recommend setting up a test Tableau Server environment and restoring the .tsbak file here. You can then download the .twbx and republish it to your Production Tableau Server using Tableau Desktop.