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    Updates to forum TOCs

    Toby Erkson

      Explore the Forums at the bottom of "Welcome to the Community" needs updating:

      1.  Developer Corner is not a forum for Ideas nor suggestions, it is a fully-fledged question/answer space just like Forums and Server & Online Administration:

      I think it should be removed from the above list as it does not fall in the definition shown.


      2.  Server Administration is not a Group as presented in the definition:

      If you click on Groups you are taken to the Overview section and if you do a search for server administration you get this:

      Server admin of any type is a Tableau product like Desktop and Reader and should not be segregated like it currently is.


      3.  Resources needs a simple definition edit because it is not a place for active questions, it is a place for pre-packaged answers:


      4.  A forum directory structure tree!  Where is it?

      When I need to jump to a forum or sub-forum I typically have to click on my avatar and then "Your Places":

      then scroll the list of places I have and hope it's there.  And it's never in a consistent order as the default is always by newest activity first :


      Here's a challenge, a sort of test, to show how frustrating it is for a person to find the right location for their content and thus why I am moving content every day from one forum to another:

           Task:  From the forum welcome page, get to the VizAlerts or Data + Women forum without having to resort to a bookmark or your personal directory (the above Your Content and Your Places).

           Answer:  I don't know how because it's not in the intuitive place of the Forums drop-down list:

      I have to use one of my shortcuts or bookmark   But suppose someone new or who doesn't visit often needs to get to one of these lesser traveled forums, how will they find them?

      Examples of proper forum directories:

      Ducati.ms - The Ultimate Ducati Forum

      Forums | REEF2REEF Saltwater and Reef Aquarium Forum



      Heck, almost every forum that I can think of is set up this way.  It doesn't have to be exactly this way (even though it is pretty much universal...), the drop-down lists can be modified/updated for example.