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    The forums are about questions so can we change the Action to "Ask A Question"?

    Toby Erkson

      My proposal is to edit the text of "Start A Discussion" to "Ask A Question".





      New forum members typically come to the forums to ask a QUESTION.  No where do they see "Ask a question".  To someone new, "Start a discussion" is not "asking a question", it sounds more like it will initiate an instant message conversation or chat.  They aren't here to chat or to discuss but to learn.  So what happens is they click "Write A Document" or one of the other actions instead of the one they should click (positioning of the options isn't always clear to some as order of preference).


      What bothers me is that this

      even defaults us to making this a question with a discussion being optional (by unchecking the box).  Totally opposite for Tableau's purposes of a forum.  It appears that Jive forum software defaults to conversations, discussions, and banter while asking a question is secondary.  For Tableau, questions are primary far and beyond discussions!  Thus for Actions it should state "Ask A Question" and in the editor the optional check box should be unchecked and read, "Mark this question as a discussion".  Because that is what check boxes are for, to be checked by the user if needed.  The current state we see of having the check box already checked is analogous to creating a task list with all the boxes already checked before any tasks have begun!  It's not good user interface design.


      While we're at it, the Actions should be as close to the top of the page as possible for quick access.  Category filtering is secondary.  The Actions should be in the same position in every forum/sub-forum as well.  Consistency is important.