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    Blend within a line (on Excel) using 2 date-parameters

    Paul Noras

      Hi Tableau community~


      I am trying to blend data based on date (MM-YYYY) for my fraud/non fraud analysis.

      Basically when we get charegeback, we categorize them as fraud/non fraud and then analyze them by transaction month and partner

      So, if a charge-back and reversal happen in one month, I have 1 line with 2 different dates, if happen in a different month, I would have 2 lines.


      I would like to have a table (column : each month) and lines (CB amount and CB amount reversal by partner) but have been struggling to make this happen.

      Could I please get some directions



      • How can I get the net of chargeback (CB - CB Reversal) for each partner?
      • How can I get a column subtotal on the partner level?


      Many many thanks


      This is what I would like to see