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    Data refresh

    Gray Jones

      I'm a little confused about how the data refresh process works.  After creating the initial data extract with my wdc I can then go to the data...refresh menu.  I would expect that tableau would then contact my data connector to get a refresh of data.  However nothing seems to happen and none of my tableau.log statements are being called.  Is there an overview somewhere that explains how the data refresh process works in more detail.  Should I be expecting my web connector to be called in the above scenario?





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          Brendan Lee

          Hey Gray,


          There are two options available when refreshing data.  You can right click on the data source -> refresh, or you can right click on the data source -> extract -> refresh (there is an analog to this through the data menu as well).  You want the latter.  The former is more useful in a live connection context, but won't do anything for a WDC. 


          As long as you are choosing the extract refresh option, you are correct that Tableau will then launch the web data connector (in data gathering mode) to connect to your web data source and gather data.


          Let me know if that helps,