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    How to Create a Graph When a User Selects an Axis?

    Eric Lied

      Hello, I am working on a multivariate data set. I made a parallel-coordinates plot and this sheet seems to be working fine.


      I want to create a visualization where a user can "Select" one axis, and another graph will show up that displays that data from that axis. Additionally, if the user selects two of the axes, it will create a scatter plot using the data of these two axes. I have attached both the workbook I am using, as well as a screenshot of the dashboard I currently have set up.


      I have technically accomplished this using parameters and calculated fields, where there is a drop-down on the side of the visualization that allows the user to Select one or two axes. This provides the functionality I want, but I want different user interaction, such that the user can click an axis to populate the data of the other graphs. As for the scatter-plot graph, the user can Ctrl + click multiple axes. In other words, I want these graphs to use data from the axes that the user currently has selected in my original parallel-coordinates plot.


      A separate requirement I have is if a user selects a single data point in the parallel-coordinates plot, the respective data point will be highlighted in the other graphs. Currently, this functionality does not work in my setup. Any ideas to fix this problem as well would be very appreciated.


      Thanks for any help you can offer.