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    Predictive Analysis Calculations

    Manjiri Virkar



      I am trying to implement predictive analysis simulator. I want to apply this simulator for multiple fields. In Superstore example I am using three fields – Profit, Quantity and Sales. And I am using only two attribute levels of filter.

      These attribute filters that is Attribute 1 and Attribute 2 are in percentages. For example, if you make Profit Attr1 to 50, then the value of Attr2 Profit Cal becomes half of the original Value. If Profit Value is $110, then if we set Profit Attr1 to 50, then Attr2 Profit Cal becomes 55 (110 – [110 * 50%]). Now if we change Profit Attr2 to 25, then Attr2 value becomes 25% of Attr1 profit Cal which is 25% of 55 (55-[55*25%]) which is 41.


      To get these Attribute filters, I am using multiple databases. To get Profit Attr1 I am using one Db, for Quantity Attr1 I am using another DB as the values may change independently. Also Profit Attr2 is using another independent Db as the values can change. It should be able to take any value.


      However, currently I am using only two levels of attribute, Attribute 1 and Attribute 2 and just three fields – Sales, Profit and Quantity. In reality, I want to use five attributes and 8 fields. If I use the same logic of using multiple databases I have to connect 40 databases which is not a feasible solution. Also more the databases we connect less is the performance in tableau server. Is there any other solution besides using multiple databases for this framework?


      Can anyone please help me out in this one?


      Tableau version: v9.0.1

      Worksheets: Dashboard1 (is the actual view it would look)