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    How to work with multiple data sources files with no link with other data sources

    Zakir Sharief

      Hi I have data coming from different data sources assume 5, all the data is coming in excel. There is no link with the different data sources through which i can make a join. There are different KPI's which needs to be tracked (Some KPIs using the same excel file but not all), in the summary dashboard i should be showing all the KPIs for the stage with the Traffic light signals comparing that with Target (Targets are again coming from different excel file). And the drill down charts for each KPIs which gives the lowest level of drill down.


      Currently i am using two different data sources for Tableau upload, one Summary Table(Excel) where i am tracking all the KPIs from different stages and other table is actual raw data table which i am using to create the drill down charts.


      My challenge here is whenever i get the next month data, i have to update the summary table manually, which takes lot of time as there are many KPIs.


      I tried using the raw data to create the summary KPIs but i ended up creating multiple calculated column, which might effect in performance of the dashboard.


      Can someone please help me in getting the right solution to solve my problem.


      I have attached the dummy dashboard with the summary table and raw data.