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    Broken Running Calculations - Running Revenue / Gross Starts by Shipment Level

    Christine Bruns

      Running Paid Revenue Per Gross Start 1.png

      I am looking at my data at a Shipment level: Gross Starts, Running Paid Revenue, and Running Paid Revenue per Gross Start.  However, the calculation for Running Paid Revenue Per Start is not working.


      If you look at the initial shipment in the first example, you have 75 Gross Starts, a total revenue of $740.01 and a Paid Revenue Per Start of $9.87 – quick math shows that this works out.  Then I look to shipment 2 and the total revenue is now $1,913.72. When you divide this by 75 – which was the intent – you get $25.52, not $26.40.  So I then assumed that it was dividing by the Gross Starts from shipment 2, which is 71. When you divide $1913.72 by 71 you get $26.95, which is also not what is showing. 


      Can anyone help me create a calculation of running paid revenue / total gross starts?


      Current Calcs:

      Running Paid Revenue Per Gross Start 2.png


      *I have tried to create a fixed formula for Paid Revenue using the level of detail but it breaks the running paid rev/stat calculation