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    Show\hide text labels based on measure

    Egor Kovalenko



      I have many stacked bars, for which I want to show text Dimension label (text). The problem is that some categories within one bar are too small for labels and being so small they are not important and hence can be hidden from the view.

      In the same worksheet I have already created such a filtered label for Measure, the formula there is quite simple:


      if [AO bookings Global cat]<0.05 then null else [AO bookings Global cat] end


      But when I try to implement the same logic for Dimension label (text) I always face Aggregate/Non-aggregate mix issue:


      if [AO bookings Global cat]<0.05 then null else [Material.Global Category] end


      I've tried all kind of wizardy and chanting (like creating calculated field that will just provide Yes/No condition on which I can base the filtering; creating duplicates; etc.) but to no avail.


      So, my question is ultimately how can I put in IF statement as a condition Measure but as a result Dimension?

      I found multiple topics on how to do the opposite - Dimension as condition and Measure as result, but adding ATTR before the Dimension doesn't help in my case.