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    SQL Server Stored Procedure with dynamic parameters

    Rajesh TR

      Hi all,


      I am new to Tableau . I was given a requirement to design a report by connecting MS SQL Server .

      I have to use a stored procedure which will take some 5 inputs (for eg) and gives a data set (record set). I am able to design a report with static values which i will set in the stored procedure while designing the report


      My requirement is like this ,

      I have dot net application UI which will have some input fields say like


      "Date" field - a typical date picker control . E.g: 2015-06-11

      "Department" field - drop down control .     E.g: Education or IT or IT-Administration

      "Offset Range" field - drop down control.    E.g: - 6 to +6

      "Generate Report" - button control


      When user selects some values from dot net UI and click on Generate Report button , should generate the report and display in the dot net UI. In-turn dot net UI will have a frame which is used to show to published / generated tableau report.


      The SQL statement written inside the stored procedure is of much complexity ,so it is very difficult to replace the stored procedure as normal SQL statements


      I want to know how to pass the dynamic parameters from the dot net UI to call the published report.


      Thanks in Advance